The identified threat is that of globalist fanaticism - presented in duplicitous idealogical terms as "progressivism". It is a threat directed by an elitist and globalist oligarchy who use a worldwide conflict-fomenting stratagem for the purpose of achieving total control. To that end, they have engineered: a 'no borders, no limits' coalition of anti-nativist genocidalism; a supremacist religion of terror; and global corporatist industrialism.

This is a psychopathy that endorses numerous, grotesque anti-native practices, including: a power/servility fetishism; perpetual and radical societal re-engineering; targeted genocide (and, especially, of population replacement in Europe); child abuse; peverse sexual behaviour; contempt for the 'other' (non co-religionists); and a highly manipulative and malevolent use of psycho-sociological control techniqes.

An effective response to an escalating global threat can be achieved by positive means - by a renewel of indigenous cultural and spiritual traditions in which are to be found qualities such as: an experentially acquired native wisdom; a true appreciation of the value of kinship; an understanding of the debt owed to one's ancestors and the duty toward future generations; a wllingness to directly resist and confront that threat; altruistic courage; and an undaunted resolve.

Increasingly, we (native Europeans) will have to physically defend ourselves and our homelands from the consequences of the actions of the supremacist global psychopathy. A successful defence can only be achieved outside of the globalists' controlling narrative. A restoration of our own, authentic cultural and spiritual traditions can provide us with a good moral basis for that defence - and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Notably, the approach outlined in the full report (see below) also provides the means for the creation of natural alliances between the native people of Europe and other native groups throughout the world.

#1 'A Native European Defence Against A Supremacist, Globalist, Psychopathy' (pdf)


This work is a consequence of extensive research into the contemporary situation in Europe - reports on that research include the following:

#2 'Genocide - Eliminating The English' (pdf)

#3 'State Complicity in The Sexual Exploitation of Young English Females by Violent Muslim Gangs' (pdf)

#4 'Who Goes Home?' - from 'The flying Inn' by G K Chesterton (pdf)

#5 'The UK Deep State: an investigation into its anti-nativist malevolence' (pdf)


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