This is an information resource for the English - an indigenous (native) people of the British Isles. The purpose is to give assistance in their struggle against betrayal, State treason, and genocide.

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We, the English, are a native people - an indigenous (aboriginal) people of the British Isles. As such, we have an inalienable right to self determination for ourselves, within our ancient homeland. A native entitlement includes (but is not limited to): to hold, and to be in occupation of an ancient land; to wisely determine a sustainable social and economic path; to be free from ideological or theological tyranny, coercion, or threat; to build upon an ancient cultural heritage; and to enjoy and celebrate a sense of nationhood.

As an island people, our history has been bedevilled by the import of beliefs and values that are totally foreign to our customs and traditions. Our claims are therefore not based upon any false doctrine, but on the actuality of our ancestry, and an inalienable rights as Freemen and Freewomen of The land . We therefore assert a natural right to protect and promote the interests of ourselves as 'a people'.

English Native Entitlement + Common Law + Lawful Rebellion

We are betrayed by a treasonous elite - by a State greedy for power, devoid of legitimate authority, and with total contempt for the common people.

This website is therefore dedicated to resisting that treason, and honouring those whose sacrifices gave us the liberty and constitutional means to assert our sovereignty.



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